Soil & Plant Fertilty

Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Management Crop Care Associates Inc. offers a wide variety of analyses to assess plant nutrition and soil fertility. The choice and timing of the analysis is determined in advance with the grower, but typically is based on monitoring plant nutrition using tissue and soil tests for fertilizer programs, potential soil problems impacting nutrient availability, or periodic survey of the soils nutritional potential.

Our samples are sent to independent commercial laboratories and are then interpreted by Crop Care Associates Inc. personnel who provide a written recommendation for fertilizers and/or other soil amendments. Our recommendations will account for the specific objectives of the grower, related to sustainable, organic, or biodynamic certification and/or synthetic fertilizers and amendments

Weekly Field Inspection

Weekly field inspection provides unique opportunities for our trained personnel to observe growth and nutrition disorders and monitor remedial action throughout the growing season. However, whether our clients are on a weekly monitoring contract or phone in a request, our field representatives can collect plant tissues and soils to be analyzed, and recommendations for fertilizer and soil amendments will be made. Lab fees and interpretations are competitively priced.