Project Consulting

Crop Care Associates Inc. is "on-call" for all types of agricultural consultation needs.. A simple phone call will allow us to get one of our specialists to visit your enterprise to determine the cause and treatment for any production problem. Typically this will entail discussing the issues with the manager, reviewing existing data (water analysis, plant tissue analysis, etc.) and determining the most likely causes of the problem. Samples of soil, plants and/or water may be taken in order to confirm the in-field suspicions, and a written report will be prepared with the determinant diagnosis and a recommended treatment (with alternatives when appropriate) for the problem.

Due-Diligence / Pre-Sale Evaluations

Crop Care Associates, Inc. has performed hundreds of due-diligence and pre-sale evaluations of properties, often working with realtors, financial institutions, appraisors and engineers. These studies and reports have ranged from small backyard vineyards to high profile winery and vineyard estates to diversified farming operations.